About Orgone Agate Export India

Orgone Agate Exports – the premium manufacturer of orgone energy products, Orgonite Pyramid, Crystal Reiki, Orgone Generator, Orgone Pyramid Set, Orgone Baby Pyramid, Orgone Sphere, Orgone Ball, Orgone Pyramids with Flower of Life, Orgone Chakra Generator, Orgone Angel, Orgonite Reiki, Healing Pyramid, Orgonite Pendulum, Orgonite Tower Buster, Orgonite Gemstone, Orgonite Merkaba, Orgone Octagons, Orgone Obelisk, Orgone Cabachons, Orgone Energy Dome, Orgone Energy Massage, Orgone Healing Wand, Orgone Healing Sticks, Orgonite Cone and various Orgonite products Wholesale supplier from India.

Our company Orgone Agate Exports is located in the township of Anand district Khambhat India, which is called the birth place of Agate Stone. Our company is running reputedly since last three generations.

We in stone business since 1960. We have expertise knowledge and experience in metaphysical and new age stones pass down from generations to generations as it’s our family owned business and have been exporting to USA, Australia, UK,  Europe, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Israel, Germany, New Zealand, Japan, Turkey, at every where in the world.

Our products are widely used, recognized and trusted by our clients, Our products are based on the USA market standard and we are the leading wholesale exporter at Alibaba.

For any queries Contact Us, or email: info@orgoneagate.net or by phone: (0091) 917 335 0724.